Saturday, September 20, 2014

Winner of the Necklace GIVEAWAY & Weekend Thoughts

I am so excited to announce the winner of our wonderful necklace:

it's Rie Moratto


Portobello Design

Rie lives in Bakersfield, California and is fairly new to the world of
blogging, so I'm hoping you will pop over to see her beautiful & interesting place,

and now to other news:

at this time of the year I'm already thinking Christmas,
especially Christmas gifts for my girlfriends, aunts, teachers,
well you know what I mean, don't you?

so, look what I've just added to the shop !

100% Genuine Mulberry Silk Scarves
(mulberry is the finest silk in the world, they tell me)


 3'7" wide and 6' long

a perfect rectangle length, just so many ways they can be worn or used.
(I put them on my dining table too!)






ladies, I know you think I'm always selling something....

but, this is worth taking a close close look.

imagine the size, 6' X 3.5'

Scarf #1 - 6 pieces only

the rest of the designs, we only bought 2 of each.

could easily retail at $295

you see, Marsha made a really good buy and is passing it on to you!

email to purchase, we will send you a PayPal invoice
or take your credit card via phone

to read about Mulberry silk go HERE


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September "By Invitation Only" International Blog Party, Year 4


our September theme is fittingly


as we approach the holiday season, and let's face it, every single one of us think
 "holidays" when September comes around, don't we?

that means families and friends sharing parties, cooking, gift-wrapping, etc.

we also think "fashion" with the Spring collections being shown,
however, I haven't even figured out my Fall yet as it's still very warm in Houston,
but I just reviewed Burberry Prorsum's runway show for Spring and I am so disappointed.

that's my 1st share

my next sharing experiences of late include sitting with someone who is recovering
from orthopedic surgery and is in re-hab

Picture of a patient laying in bed in a recovery room in a body cast, traction and with his head bandaged. Iconic photo of a full body cast.

now, this pic is not exactly how the patient looks, but it is very representative of how
the patient "feels."

helpless, bored, alone.


that is the key word here.

as I've visited over & over I've noticed how many of the patients are almost completely alone most of the time.  this is sad for them I think.  they walk about in the corridors, looking in to see
what's happening with their next-door neighbors, they go to the little cafe, have a coffee and
look outside onto the courtyard, sometimes joined by a nurse or two.

but there is NO stimulation for them except their own TV.
&, of course, the majority of them are seniors +++

you know how sometimes we just need a hug?

some of them are really nursing home patients, but ones who are ambulatory.
the men seem to be better at being alone, somehow.
but, those ladies have captured my heart.

no matter my mood I am so much happier with fresh flowers all around my home,
so off I went to one of our lovely markets and scooped up bunches of
Alstroemeria, like those just above, and at the Dollar Store I found nice simple
glass vases, and tonight every one of those women have flowers in their rooms.

they also had a brief visit with me telling them how lovely their hair is,
or how nice their smile is, etc. etc. etc.
(the good thing is that there is a hair salon within the facility & services are gratis).

the other good thing is that it made me feel great.
it cost less than lunch with my girlfriends, and I was going there anyway !!!

I don't know any of these ladies, but we all had a good day today.


the next sharing experience

with the horribleness in our world today, we as mother's are the ones who will bring about
change.  when the mothers unite and decide their boys won't be taught hate, but will be educated in the modern way where they will learn things which extend beyond their tribal boundaries, enlightenment will come...slowly...but it will come.    

in the mean time the rest of the  people of the world must stand strong, united in our
quest to eradicate this hideous evil.

I usually don't talk about current events, unless I'm involved, of course.
but, having lived in the Middle East for a time I know the vast majority of the people think and feel
just as we do.

the evil ones do not understand strength & resolve of a country.
they hope to scare us, to scare us enough to just turn our backs.
& this is the reason they will be defeated.
they do not understand that all of us will stand united, that fear will be replaced with resolve,
and that there will be no retreat.

we left too soon.
we left our soldiers who were killed or wounded with unfinished business because it
seemed politically expedient.  to me this is to dishonor their achievements.
we also failed to build schools.
we built roads, airports, pipelines, and even had our guys doing plumbing,
but we did not build sustainable institutions of learning.
they talked about this in the film "Charlie Wilson's War."
Charlie Wilson was a Texas congressman

"If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.
When there is order in the nations, there will be peace in the world."
Sathya Sai Baba
Karin's post today @ LaPouyette
one of our members


I could never ever do these posts without the support of our international membership.
every month I am more and more appreciative of their continuing to post each month
for our special group.


the same theme, just our own personal slant on that theme.
sounds simple doesn't it?
but, let me tell you there are huge challenges in coming up with something new & fresh...
something everyone will want to read.


will be announced on our next post.


the link up is below, please join each one of the ladies to see what they are


Friday, September 12, 2014


Splenderosa's Own Designer Necklace

Blue Onyx Beads, Bezel Set Chalcedony Oval
& a Bezel Set Rose Quartz Pendant
18k Gold over Brass

beautiful assymetrical necklace perfect with any open collared blouse or suit

retail value 


open to all my followers, even new ones,
who leave a comment.

for a little holiday visit my tumblr


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BLACK is always RIGHT !

every Fall I look at all the trends, the colors, the it-bag-of-the-moment...

you know, just to be a happening girl.

& every Fall I come to the same conclusion,
there is NOTHING LIKE BLACK to make an impact, to get you noticed,
to wear it is to be "fashionably correct" at any time.



♥ x more here x ♥ - instagram

✖ B&W | Fashion ✖

I've just watched the video of Oscar de la Renta's Spring Collection,
and for the 1st 5 minutes his theme was entirely BLACK & WHITE.
lots of low heels, sandals, large pressed acrylic flower necklaces,
big dangling earrings of faux crystals.
once he switched gears he added flowered prints,

 and his
spectacular evening attire.

big point:  


Edun S/S 2015


September 8 2014 | Olivia Palermo | NYFW spring 2015


Alexander Wang S/S 2015


Alexander Wang S/S 2015

my love of black includes black interiors too.
& exteriors as well.


. by green_is_in on Flickr.





Versus Versace spring 2015


The Row Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear
well, maybe this from The Row is actually blue, I can't tell,
but either way it's beautiful isn't it?


Door in Venice, Italy (by Dmitri Korobtsov)

I love these black doors, but if they were mine they would be beautifully restored, polished,
and painted with the shiniest black lacquer paint I could find.


Chado Ralph Rucci S/S 2015


Versus S/S 2015



Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2015


Entry, stairway, cha charisma design

all black handbags found in our Splenderosa shop,

I've already fallen into the Fall spirit, at least in the color change of wardrobe pieces,
& I really think a pop of brightness with bag or shoes can work wonders with
good black pieces you already own.

the fresh flowers inside the house are being changed as well.

I'm hoping to show you a few pics of our back garden areas which have been
reworked and are beginning to grow into lushness.

& tomorrow I will show you what I ordered for Fall dressing,
as all of you know that sometimes when the going gets tough the tough go shopping!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top 10 Trends for Fall in My Opinion....

hardly seems fitting that the Spring 2015 shows are underway
and WE are just now embracing Fall/Holiday ourselves.

here in Houston we're embracing torrential downpours so a change in season
MUST be imminent.

not to say we are seeing temps drop, but enough of a change to have me thinking this
past week about what is going to be important in updating our wardrobes.

a new hair-do
this, to me, is one of the most important things on the list of must-do's after the long hot summer.

but, that's not a Fall trend and doesn't count.

taken from Burberry Prorsum the 
huge blanket poncho
51" x 50 "

around here this is almost all we need for winter most of the time,
however, when we travel or when it really freezes here in Texas these pieces
are fabulous as they work well over our coats too.

the super slit skirt

from Balmain at Bergdorf-Goodman
the way I love to see a look finished off:  polished & sleek

everyday leather
don't you love this combo, with the red and tturquoise?
the plaid shirt?

fur accents
on anything/everything

you won't see me in this exact iteration, however, I do have fox flings that I dearly love, and
it's my only nod to fur any longer.  am I forgiven?

I know, could this possibly be true?
but with many shades of gray arriving on the fashion scene too these colors will work well,
and look new, so give it a quick try in front of your mirror.

Louisa Beccaria

ladylike leopard

you guys already know animal prints will NEVER totally go out of fashion anytime soon,
so if you haven't already jumped on board now is the time, seriously.
& every shop from here to China has leopard!


roberto cavalli

Burberry Prorsum
THAT bag is certain to be THE iconic bag of the season
or a variation of that bag, but you know a big tapestry/painted carpetbagging bag of some kind.

Nina Ricci

Mod Squad


the one I love the most

Ralph Lauren Black Label
Tom Ford


Victor & Rolf

also the gray is really really BIG,
perhaps as big as it was about 10-12 years ago, so go into your closets and
see what's back there that will work again, I'll bet you'll be surprised.

Bergdorf-Goodman has a special story on
Gray Matters
check it out HERE

which one will you be wearing ?

some material from Pop-Sugar